Darngku Heritage Cruises


Bill and Mary Aiken and our team of traditional Bunuba guides have operated Darngku Heritage cruises since 1999.

We offer a unique tour experience through the majestic Geikie Gorge, exploring not only the spectacular geography of the area, but also providing our guests with an insight into the Kimberley region’s rich indigenous history and culture.

Board one of our boats and hear timeless stories from the Dreamtime, learn surprising bush medicines and discover sacred sites as the towering Geikie Gorge rock-face drifts by.

Minimum numbers apply for our tours

Tours run especially for groups and in April and November when Department of Parks and Wildlife tours do not operate.

Most of our team is family. We are part of this land and part of the indigneous Bunuba people, so we provide a glimpse of the proud indigenous culture and heritage of the Kimberley through the eyes of its traditional owners.

We have always enjoyed taking people out and showing them the area and our ways of doing things. It is a great pleasure to see the young visitors enjoying their time with us and attempting to do some of the old ways of the bush. On occasion our children and their children come with us and to see them and our guests mixing together is very rewarding. We can see our culture and beliefs passed on and sustained before our eyes.

PO Box 94, Fitzroy Crossing

Half Day Tours:
After 12:00 PM (1 Day before) Nil refund
Before 12:00PM (7 Days before) 50% Refund
Before 4:00PM ( 8 Days Before) 75% Refund

Half day trips must not be booked with 2 (two) people less than 10 (ten) days in advance unless the passengers are willing to pay for 3 (three) passengers.

2 Hr AM and 3Hr AM
After 12:00 PM (1 Day before) Nil Refund
Before 12:00 PM (1 Day before) 50%Refund

2 Hr PM and 3Hr PM
Before 12:00 PM (same day) Nil Refund
Before 4:00 PM (Day before) 25% Refund
Before 4:00 PM (2Day before) 50% Refund

If booking same day tour and change after Darngku notified NO refund

NO Refunds if missed trip due to late arrival at Gorge. May get seat on next trip if any available.