Fitzroy River Floods

Fitzroy River flows for 733 kilometres from the King Leopold and Mueller Ranges into King Sound south of Derby, and has a catchment area of 93,829 square kilometres. In full flood the flow rate down the 15 km-wide flood plain at Fitzroy Crossing is estimated to be 23,000 cubic metres per second, which in six hours this volume of water could fill Sydney Harbour.

Fitzroy Crossing Inn

Fitzroy FRL

Fitzroy Boys Swimming

The major floods since 1957 when levels were recorded are:

1983 22.37m
1984 22.28m
1986 22.09m
1991 22.39m
1993 24.38m
1996 20.40m
1997 19.80m
1999 19.00m
2000 22.05m
2001 21.85m
2002 22.66m
2007 19.20m
2009 19.90m
2011 22.69m