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At the edge of a 350 million year old Devonian Reef, by the banks of the mighty Fitzroy River and surrounded by some of Australia’s biggest and best pastoral properties, lies Fitzroy Crossing.

Fitzroy Crossing is a mesmerising place to visit with a variety of tour options available you can look forward to learning and experiencing the rich culture, history and customs of the Bunuba, Gooniyandi, Walmajarri, Nyikina and Wangkatjunka people.

Whilst it is not a big town don’t let size fool you, Fitzroy Crossing has all the main services and special one of a kind touristy treasures just for you; it is truly the perfect base to access the spectacular sights of Geike Gorge, Mimbi Caves , St George Ranges, Tunnel Creek, and Windjana Gorge.

Sitting at 114m above sea level, Fitzroy Crossing is surrounded by the flood plains of the Fitzroy River. The Shire of Derby West Kimberley encompasses 118,560 square kilometres and is located more than 2,00km north of Perth.

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