Old Town and Footbridge

The first settlement of Fitzroy Crossing was in 1880’s when Solomon Emanuel established Margaret Downs or as now known Gogo Station, which originally encompassed Cherubun, Christmas Creek and Bohemia Stations. With the pastoral leases also being taken up for Fossil Downs, Kimberley Downs, Liveringa, and Noonkanbah Stations the town was developed to service the pastoralists. Fitzroy Crossing first appeared on maps in 1903, but was not gazetted until 1975.

Darlugunaya Community, the original town site, still includes:

Old Concrete Crossing was built in 1935, widened in 1958, and kept the Kimberley accessible in the dry seasons until the new high clearance bridge was built in 1974; the focus of the town then grew away from its original site. The Old Concrete Crossing could be closed for months at a time during the wet season and then travelers were treated to the experience of a flying fox which operated about 200 metres south of the crossing to access the town and amenities.

Former Post Office was built in 1895, and due to flood damage was rebuilt in 1950’s. The Post Office was operational here until 1980, when it moved to the new town site on Forrest Road. Originally there was a telegraph office and as times progressed was home to the only public phone booth. The property was previously used by Darlgunaya Community as a Backpackers Hostel, and has since been established as the Fitzroy Crossing Muway Construction Office.

Australian Inland Mission Hospital was opened in 1939, after the town pushed for the hospital to built through applying for funding and taking up public collection with AIM paying the balance. Today there is a memorial where the Fitzroy Crossing AIM Hospital stood which was unveiled on 5th October 1986 by Marge Wells, one of the two nurses to open the hospital.

Old Police Station and Avenue of Boab Trees

1897 the Old Police Station and Lock up were opened in Fitzroy Crossing. The original building still stands and has been heritage listed. Along the section of Russ Road there was an avenue of boab trees planted by the police; these still stand today, although with a couple missing.


Built in the 1960’s the foot bridge across Brooking Creek allowed foot access from town to the Crossing Inn and the original site of the pioneer’s cemetery. This path is still used today to get from Darlgunaya Community to Fitzroy Crossing via Sandford Road, especially in the wet season as the community can get closed off for days at a time due to flood waters. When the water levels rise it is also a popular fishing spot.

Pioneer’s Cemetery

Located on Skuthorp Road, the original Pioneer’s cemetery was established in the early 1900’s with the earliest marked grave being 1908. Due to erosion of the river bank the graves have had to be relocated to the new Fitzroy Crossing cemetery on Mangula Road.