Embark on an Adventure in Derby!

Welcome to the heart of Kimberley, where Derby serves as your gateway to the wonders of our town, the Horizontal Falls, the Gibb River Road, and the Kimberley region. 
Discovering Derby:
Nestled on the tidal mud flats along the edge of King Sound, Derby boasts the highest tidal range of any port in Australia. The iconic Boab trees, serving as welcoming sentinels along the main road, are a distinctive feature. To preserve these protected species, many Boab trees are carefully transplanted to parklands, the golf course, and road reserves.
Population Mix:
With a population of approximately 4,000 people, Derby is a vibrant town where half of the residents are Aboriginal Australians, contributing to a rich tapestry of three different Aboriginal languages. The town plays a pivotal role in supporting various State and Commonwealth Departments, instrumentalities, and small businesses catering to mining, pastoral, and tourism industries.
Amenities Galore:
As a service town, Derby offers a full spectrum of amenities, including recreation facilities, shopping options, educational institutions, and health services. From sports facilities to a eleven-hole grassed golf course, Derby has everything you need for a comfortable and fulfilling stay.
Getting to Derby:
Located 220 kilometres northeast of Broome, Derby serves as the ideal starting point for exploring the Gibb River Road's breathtaking gorges and experiencing the awe-inspiring Horizontal Waterfalls and Buccaneer Archipelago. Travel options include Greyhound Australia's service from Broome to Darwin, Derby Bus Service connecting Derby to Broome, and flights into Broome with Virgin Australia and Qantas.
Rich Heritage:
Derby's origins are deeply rooted in pastoral and mining industries, evolving into a crucial port for servicing Fitzroy River's pastoral properties. The town's growth was fueled by the 1886 gold rush at Hall’s Creek, and industries such as oil, diamonds, lead, and zinc have continued to shape its development. Learn more about Derby's fascinating history at the Wharfinger House Museum, and don't forget to check with the Visitor Centre for opening times.
From its historic origins to its modern amenities, Derby beckons you to start your adventure in this Kimberley gem.