Fire, Flood & Emergency

Whilst the Kimberley has only two seasons the Wet and the Dry Season; the conditions can change rapidly.

In the wet season, November to April the water levels of the Fitzroy River can change quickly due to heavy rainfall in the large catchment area.

Kimberley Rainfall and River Conditions

Current weather warnings for Western Australia

In the Dry season, May to October, we go for months without rain. Toward the end of the dry season, we do experience bushfires as the land dries out.

Current information of fire warnings

Current total fire ban alerts

Fitzroy Crossing Police

  • AddressLot 68 McLarty Road, Fitzroy Crossing WA 6765
  • Phone: (08) 9163 9555
  • Open: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

Volunteer Fire and Emergency Services (FX VFES) 

Fitzroy Crossing Hospital

  • Address82 Fallon Road, Fitzroy Crossing
  • Phone: 9166 1777
  • Open: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm