Social Enterprise

Marnin Studio

Marnin is the Walmajarri word for women and this unique design studio has emerged from the innovative work of the Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre (MWRC) in Fitzroy Crossing in the heart of the Kimberley in Western Australia. Located on Bunuba Country, MWRC works with women and families from the Bunuba, Gooniyandi, Wangkatjungka, Walmajarri and Nyikina language groups to provide vital human services.
In 2013 MWRC seeded an ambitious Social Enterprise Program, creating exquisite block and screen-printed textile products and hand painted boab nuts. The design but based in the women's deep knowledge of the local environment, culture and community and are produced as a collection of works.
Open Monday to Thursday 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Walibirri Designs

Diane and Patrick Chungall are located out at Bungardi Community on the road to Geikie Gorge.

They have started our arts and crafts in our community. Diane makes bush necklaces and earrings, which she hand collects the seeds from certain trees to use as beads; she also collects small plants which she uses to 'bush dye' silk scarves, t-shirts and materials used to make bags. Patrick paints canvas and boab nuts, has been doing art prints on t-shirts and Diane's bags; and carves boab nuts.
Walibirri Designs can be found at the Fitzroy Crossing Saturday Morning Markets held second and fourth Saturday May to October, Fitzroy Crossing Visitor Centre,and Marnin Studio.

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Ngaringga Ngari

Ngarinnga Ngari is a Jaru word meaning 'Womens Clothing'
The design collective is Susan Hoad, Janet Herbert, Janice Petersen and Elizabeth Jingle, who all live in the communities around Fitzroy Crossing. They hand dye and print fabrics to make an assortment of products including table cloths, tea towels, a  variety of bags, table runners and placemats.
Ngaingga Ngari designs are located at the Marra Worra Worra Depot on Emanuel Way, and can also be found at the Fitzroy Crossing Saturday Morning Markets held second and fourth Saturday May to October and at Fitzroy Crossing Visitor Centre.
Open Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00am - 12:00pm.