Rodhouses and Shops

Mt. Barnett Roadhouse

Located across from the Kupungarri Community, Mount Barnett Roadhouse is positioned approximately 307 kilometers north of Derby and 400 kilometers from Kununurra. If you're traveling north, the turn-off is on the left-hand side of the road. The roadhouse provides essential services, including fuel (both diesel and unleaded), hot snacks, ice-creams, telephone facilities, drinking water, ice, toilets, showers, laundry, a small store, and take-away options.

For those heading to the Manning Gorge campsite, which is accessible via a 7-kilometer track, camp and entrance fees can be settled at Mount Barnett Roadhouse. The roadhouse also offers tire repair services. The Barnett River Gorge and Manning Falls, along with the associated campsite, can be reached by taking the track located just 10 meters north of the roadhouse.

Imintji Roadhouse

Imintji Community Store provides essential facilities, fresh basic staples, and excellent coffee! Our offerings include diesel fuel along with exceptional service. We invite everyone to visit and engage in a friendly chat with our welcoming Imintji community staff. Take a moment to unwind at "Jacks Place," where you can explore history and view photos.

The Imintji Community Store stands as a welcoming hub, offering essential amenities, fresh staples, and exceptional coffee to its patrons. With a commitment to great service, the store proudly provides diesel fuel to meet various needs. Visitors are encouraged to drop by and engage in friendly conversations with the approachable Imintji community staff. A unique spot within the store is "Jacks Place," inviting individuals to unwind while immersing themselves in history and captivating photos.

Operating during the Dry Season from April 2023, the store maintains a daily schedule, remaining open from 8 am to 5 pm. Its diverse inventory encompasses diesel fuel, take-away options, coffee, ice creams, cold drinks, grocery items, and even offers the convenience of Wi-Fi access. Imintji Community Store embodies a commitment to serving the community's needs with warmth and efficiency.



Over the Range Tyre and Mechanical

Situated along the Gibb River Road in the West Kimberley region, between Imintji and Mt Barnett Roadhouses, Over the Range Tyre and Mechanical provides a range of services and products:
  • New and second-hand tyres
  • Tyre repairs
  • Minor mechanical and welding repairs
  • Oils, coolants, degreasers
  • Brake/transmission fluids
  • Radiator stop leak
  • Batteries and terminals
  • Jacks, wheel braces, and tyre repair kit
  • Trailer parts, including wheel bearings, springs, D-shackles, and Anderson plugs

For more information you can reach out through the provided contact details:

Phone: (08) 9191 7887