Manning Gorge

Renowned as one of the most exquisite and enjoyable swimming destinations in the Kimberley, Manning Gorge is situated on Manning Creek within the expansive grounds of the 283,280-hectare Mt Barnett Station. The water at the base of the waterfalls and in numerous pools along the creek remains year-round, creating an ideal setting for a refreshing dip. However, the waterfalls are seasonal, replenished by the rains during the wet season and potentially dry in the mid to late dry season.

Exploration of the area may lead you to discover examples of Bradshaw and Wandjina rock art. Accessing the gorge involves an adventurous 3-kilometer walk to the top, following the informal trail markers comprised of rock cairns, red discs, and arrows. Commencing at the campground, the trail requires crossing Manning Creek before continuing on the opposite side. Visitors can swim the 100 meters across or use the rope guide with floats to ferry belongings.

The overland trail offers views of the ranges and savannah woodlands, but be prepared for uneven terrain, some rock scrambling, and an incline towards the end. Given the lack of shade, it's crucial to bring drinking water and wear a hat.


Manning Gorge is situated in Mt Barnett Station on the Gibb River Road in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Vehicle access is weather-dependent, with Manning Gorge being most accessible from May to October.

The gorge is 306km from Derby (to the west) and 398km from Kununurra (to the east).

By Drive: From Mt Barnett Roadhouse, the access road to Manning Gorge spans approximately 7km.

Extended Group Touring: Several extended coach tours to the Kimberley include Manning Gorge as part of their itineraries.

Entrance Fees: Fees are payable at Mt Barnett Roadhouse. In the dry season, the roadhouse is open daily for fuel, food, and supplies, allowing payment of camping fees for the basic campsite at the trailhead.

Stay: The camping area at Manning Gorge provides basic facilities, and no bookings are required. Travellers can pay fees at the roadhouse during opening hours or to the campsite caretakers after hours. The fees are $25.00 per adult for the first night and $15.00 for any additional nights, with children under 14 enjoying free admission.