Derby Restaurants

Jila Cafe

Jila Cafe is a picturesque family-owned and operated Italian restaurant. The name "Jila" pays homage to its Aboriginal roots, signifying a watering hole in this enchanting part of the region. Experience the warmth of family hospitality and savor authentic Italian flavors at Jila Cafe, where tradition and delicious cuisine come together for a memorable dining experience.

Phone: (08) 9193 2560

18 Clarendon St, Derby WA 6728


Neaps Bistro is a lovely place to enjoy breakfast and dinner, dine in or takeaway. Call us during business hours to make a reservation. We can cater for large or small bookings as well as private functions.

Phone: (08) 9193 2924

15 Clarendon St, Derby WA 6728

Sportmen's Club

The Sportmen's Club, your go-to destination for a true taste of the community!

Phone: (08) 9191 1126
Webpage: Sportmen's Club

61 Ashley St, Derby WA 6728

Lowy's Chinese Restaurant

Since 1981 Lwoy's Chinese Restaurant has been making traditional Chinese food for customers in Derby and surrounding areas in Western Australia. At Lwoy’s, we believe that a good dining experience is a combination of great food, positive atmosphere, fast service, convenient location and competitive prices. We cater to groups of all sizes and our food is famously delicious! Sorry service may be slow in busy times!

Phone: (08) 9191 1554
Webpage: Lowy's Chinese Restauran

2 Loch St, Derby WA 6728

Derby Kebabs (Cairo Kebabs)

Indulge your taste buds in a culinary journey at Cairo Cafe, where the flavors of the Mediterranean come alive in every bite. Whether you're craving the sizzling goodness of kebabs, the cheesy perfection of pizzas, the crispy delight of fish and chips, or the refreshing zing of cold drinks.

Phone: (08) 9193 1540
Webpage: Derby Kebabs

2/8 Johnston St, Derby WA 6728

Spinifex Hotel - Restaurant & Bar

Whether you seek an ideal spot for an intimate dining experience, a swift business lunch, or a grab-and-go snack, explore the bar area for a more laid-back, all-day dining option.

Phone: (08) 9191 1233
Webpage: Spinifex Hotel

Spinifex Motel, 6 Clarendon St, Derby WA 6728

Boab Inn - Lalgardi Restaurant

Embrace the timeless charm of a traditional pub atmosphere, featuring weekly entertainment in the bar area. The restaurant section is family-friendly, ensuring a welcoming space for children.

Phone: (08) 9191 2579
Webpage: Boab Inn

98-100 Loch St, Derby WA 6728

Abuelitas Shop

Experience an array of global flavors with our cafe's diverse selection, including hot dishes, an assortment of spices, fiery chilies, dry goods, and frozen delights sourced from various corners of the world.

Phone: 0418 885 650
Webpage: Abuelitas Shop

35 Rowan St, Derby WA 6728

Bushys Bush Brew

Bushys Bush Brew beverages made with Australia’s Kimberley flora. Boab Coffee and Bush Chai Spice. Boab Seeds blend perfectly with coffee beans create a smoother and richer tasting coffee.
With the option between getting your morning coffee from the van stationed at the Derby oval or sitting comfortable at the outdoor cafe at the Norval Gallery.

Phone: 0490 266 871
Webpage: Bushys Bush Brew