Dimalurru (Tunnel Creek)

Close to Windjana Gorge, Dimalurru (Tunnel Creek) spans 91 hectares and presents a unique journey through a water-worn tunnel in the ancient limestone of the Napier Range—a segment of the 350 million-year-old Devonian Reef system.
Embark on a subterranean adventure as you traverse the 750-meter underground track through Tunnel Creek. Wading through permanent pools, you'll witness the marvels of stalactites hanging from the roof, creating an otherworldly atmosphere. Encounter a diverse bat population, including ghost bats and fruit bats, as you explore the collapsed sections revealing the top of the range.

Pro Tips: Bring a torch, wear sturdy sneakers, and be prepared for an immersive experience. Tours are available from Fitzroy Crossing, or opt for a self-drive adventure.

Getting There:
Situated 111 kilometers from Fitzroy Crossing, 184 kilometers from Derby, and 38 kilometers southeast of Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek is accessible via an unsealed road. A four-wheel-drive vehicle is recommended, especially considering the unpredictable road conditions. The park is generally closed during the wet season, making May to October the ideal time for exploration.

Jandamarra’s Hideout:
Delve into history as you explore Western Australia's oldest cave system, famously known as a hideout for the Aboriginal leader Jandamarra during the late 19th century. The cave, witness to historical events, provides a captivating backdrop for those eager to connect with the region's cultural heritage.

What to Do:
Explore the 1.5-kilometer return walk, where wading through freshwater pools is part of the adventure. The tunnel, with its lofty dimensions of up to 12 meters in height and 15 meters in width, showcases a stunning underground world. Encounter at least nine bat species, including the rare ghost bat, and keep an eye out for freshwater crocodiles.

Important: Respect the environment—no camping or pets are allowed. Carry out your rubbish, as there are no bins on-site.

Planning Your Visit:
- Dimalurru (Tunnel Creek) is strictly a day-use area.
- The park is located 36 kilometers east of Bandilngan (Windjana Gorge) and 111 kilometers from Fitzroy Crossing.
- Accessible during the dry season (April to November), the tunnel walk involves wading through the creek, so appropriate footwear and a torch are essential.
- Marvel at the diverse aquatic life in the pools, including rainbow fish, bony bream, spangled perch, fork-tailed catfish, and occasionally spotted freshwater crocodiles.

Discover the secrets of Tunnel Creek National Park, where every step unveils a rich tapestry of natural wonders, history, and geological marvels. Explore the underground beauty and embrace the unique charm of this Kimberley treasure from April to November.